Integrating with Amazon SP-API The Definitive Guide to Amazon SP-API

Quickly Integrate with Amazon SP-API

Updated 2022-07-20
The Amazon Selling Partner API (Amazon SP-API) is Amazon's next-generation REST-based API that incorporates a new level of security and data privacy compared to the previous MWS APIs. The old MWS APIs offered quick access to anyone with an Amazon Seller Account. The new SP-API has a significantly higher security thresh-hold and App configuration requirement for order management, which makes it more difficult to build your own applications and gives Amazon full control over who can actually make calls to Amazon's APIs.

Migration of existing MWS applications is required by anyone who currently uses any of the MWS order and inventory API calls. 3rd Party providers are required to have their systems converted by July 31, 2022. Individual companies that currently have their own MWS order management integrations will need to be converted some time in 2023. The actual date is yet to be announced by Amazon.

Amazon SP-API Integration Options

As an Amazon Seller, you have two options to consider:

  1. Build your own SP-API Application
  2. Use an existing 3rd Party Application to connect NOW
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Build Your Own SP-API Application

Building your own application will require a fair amount of programming time and Amazon AWS Expertise to put it all together. You can visit the Selling Partner API Developer Guide to review all of the requirements. As a basic overview, here are some of the things that are required to build your own SP-API application:


If you have an existing MWS application, you will need to rebuild almost all of your code. An exception is the final processing of feed data as the format is mostly unchanged, however you will still have to rebuild all of your feed request and response code. Regardless, you are still required to go through the new authentication process, which is tied to IAM policies in AWS, and implement the Restricted Data Token (RDT) which was not part of the old MWS API. You can go here to review Mapping APIs from Amazon MWS to the Selling Partner API.  

Amazon API Order Flow Example

Old: MWS Get Orders Flow

  1. Retrieve stored auth tokens
  2. Generate API call signed data
  3. Call orders endpoint with necessary data
  4. Process response

New: SP-API Get Orders Flow

  1. Check if existing tokens are expired
  2. Get new auth tokens if current ones are expired
  3. Create STS session token
  4. Get restricted data tokens to be able to read order address and buyer info
  5. Generate orders API call signed headers with STS token
  6. Call orders endpoint with necessary data
  7. Process response
  8. Generate buyer info API signed headers with STS token and restricted data token
  9. Call get buyer info endpoint with necessary data
  10. Process response
  11. Generate address API signed headers with STS token and restricted data token
  12. Call get address end point with appropriate headers and tokens
  13. Process response

Use an existing 3rd Party Application to connect NOW

The quickest way to gain access to the Amazon Seller order process is to use a 3rd party SP-API application. If a 3rd party provider already has their Amazon integration converted fully to the SP-API, you can get connected very quickly. If they don't mention it at all, it most likely means they will not meet the July 31, 2022 migration deadline.

Get Connected Now with InfiPlex

As an approved 3rd party application for the Amazon SP-API, InfiPlex offers our clients multiple ways to access their order data and the order process.

  • API Access:
    Sellers that have an existing in-house order process or ERP can utilize the InfiPlex REST API to manage their Amazon orders. All API order data is accessible in JSON format. The API also includes calls to manage tracking confirmations and inventory updates. InfiPlex can also be configured for FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment and Amazon Custom Products.
    Quickly Integrate with Amazon SP-API using InfiPlex API
  • InfiPlex Order Management System (OMS):
    Sellers can use the InfiPlex OMS to manage their Amazon Seller account. The OMS includes a web-based interface to ship orders and manage inventory for SKUs sold on Amazon. InfiPlex can also be configured to work with your ERP, 3PL warehouses, and drop-shippers.

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InfiPlex OMS offers instant access to your order data and order process. The InfiPlex SP-API Application, which is also listed in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, includes the following functionality:

  • Orders
  • Shipping / Tracking confirmations
  • Inventory
  • FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Amazon Shipping
  • Amazon Custom Product Information


The process to gain access to your Amazon Seller order data is a simple sign-up for one of our monthly packages. In 1-2 business days your InfiPlex OMS will be set-up and ready to connect to your Amazon account. By signing up you have access via our easy-to-use web-based interface or our API connection.

Amazon Authorization Page to gain access to your Amazon Seller orders via the InfiPlex application:
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