Build, Manage and Grow Your Business
with One Platform


Order Management System

Manage multiple E-stores from the comfort of one site!


CRM & Support Tickets

Built-In client management with support tickets and a knowledge base. Track all of your client interactions including orders, support tickets, marketing emails, and more.


Event Registrations

Manage your events, maintain your Brand, and SAVE money! Why dilute your brand by promoting another company's event registration system? Run your event registrations promoting just your brand and save money at the same time.


Email Marketing

Automate your marketing with SmartSend™. SmartSend allows you to create custom groups from all of your client data, including webstore orders, event registrations, user accounts, and more. Integration with any of our installed applications makes it easy to create your own dynamic email or text lists.



With a fully featured Website Content Management System (WCMS), InfiPlex allows multiple administrators to manage the content on your website.

Our set of integrated applicaitons enables you to do more for less compared to open source installations where applications are not integrated and typically cost more to purchase and maintain.


Project Management

Build your own brand with the InfiPlex Project Management application. Define team members and clients, track time on hourly projects, and easily create and assign tasks.