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Applications Overview

Designed as a Business System Platform (BSP), InfiPlex was created with application development at its core. The InfiPlex BSP includes a set of existing applications that are available for any business to use as part of their site. These applications enable faster application development and the ability for designers to easily implement their own designs with existing applications.

The application list below includes our current list of available and planned applications that will be developed for the InfiPlex system. If you have something that you would like to have us build for you, please contact us about our custom development options.
Application Availability
Blog available  
Business Directory available  
Campaign Tracking available  
Case Studies available  
Client Knowledge Base & Support Tickets available  
Client CRM available  
Client Payments available  
Document Management available  
Donor Management available  
Email Marketing available  
Event Registrations available  
Jobs available  
Order Management System available  
Photo Albums available  
Sales Management available  
Slider - Image Rotator available  
Staff Directory available  
Store/Shop/Cart available  
Video System available  
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Core Systems

Core Systems are capabilities that are
Core Systems
The API System allows application developers to register their application APIs with the InfiPlex platform.
Personal Tasks
The Personal Tasks System gives an Administrator the ability to create their own task list and have it emailed to them on a daily basis.
  • Name your tasks
  • Include a detailed description
  • Set Priority levels
  • Set task Start and End Dates
  • Send Reminder option
The Cron system is used to schedule specific application scripts to run on a regular time schedule.
The Security tools give you the ability to create your own Security Groups that can be used by the various applications within InfiPlex.
  • Create Unlimited Security Groups
  • Give SiteAreas control of specific Security Groups
  • Security Groups are used by the various Applications within InfiPlex to control who has access to the application.
Design - Templates
Add and edit your own custom HTML designs. No limit on how many templates are installed.
The SiteAreas System gives the ability to quickly and easily make distinct areas of the site that can be managed by different administrators. It also allows you to give each SiteArea its own set of applications so each SiteArea can have its own Calendar or set of website user accounts.
  • Unlimited SiteAreas
  • Control access via user security groups
  • Define the content folder name the SiteArea will run under
  • Define the Applications that will be available to each SiteArea
Design - Page Layouts
Create and manage your own page layouts for administrators to use.
  • Unlimited HTML page layouts
  • Maintain page layout control or give admins full HTML source access
  • Create layouts for specific Device Types
  • Control page layout choice for new pages based on an administrator's access
Site Settings
Site Settings contains various settings used by InfiPlex and its applications. Examples include:
  • Currency Setting
  • Date Time formats & Time Zone
  • Default Country
File Management
The Files Systems gives you a quick and easy way to upload files to your site:
  • Define your own folder names
  • Set Read and Write security access to folders and folder content
  • Mass upload files to specific folders
  • Set Read and Write security access to files
  • Define file types available for upload
System Updates
Check for available application and InfiPlex core updates and apply them as needed.
The Logging System tracks user visits to your site:
  • Basic tracking with
  • Advanced tracking - tracks a user's path through your site, including full page views of what the user sees
The InfiPlex Administrative Area can be set to display in over 30 different languages.
  • Used by the Application API for making application administrative tools multi-lingual
  • Translate new labels and phrases to be stored in the InfiPlex translation table
Navigation Users
The User tools give you the ability to add and manage administrative users.
  • Create Unlimited Administrative Users
  • Assign Administrators to Security Groups
The Pages System makes it easy to add and edit pages to your website and applications:
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Define your own file names
  • Manage content by Device Type (PC, Phone, Tablet)
  • Control Page Access by Security
  • Optional Publish Start and End Dates
  • Select Design Template from any installed templates
  • Control dynamic navigation based on the menus defined in the selected template
  • SEO Metatag settings
  • Content Display control through defined Page Layouts


Enterprise Applications

InfiPlex can work with your company to integrate your existing business systems and client information. We help you make your business data secure and accessible to your staff and clients. We can also use our expertise with the Amazon Cloud infrastructure to create a custom Enterprise network for clients who need system redundancy from multiple world-wide entry points. Contact us to see how InfiPlex can help you architect your Enterprise level systems for the future.

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