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The Amazon Today InfiPlex App is the fastest way to start managing your Amazon Today orders. InfiPlex provides an existing applicaiton to manage your orders and the ability to integrate with your systems to update store inventory.

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Part of the initial set-up process requires a main admin with your company to connect InfiPlex with your Amazon Seller account using the InfiPlex Amazon SP-API App.

The main admin for your Amazon Seller account will need to approve the app connection. After that is done, the InfiPlex Support Team will work with you to help configure your Amazon Today InfiPlex App to connect with all of your stores in your Amazon Today account.

Your Amazon Today account is connected with the SKU listings in your Amazon Seller account. The InfiPlex App can activate any Seller SKU as an Amazon Today SKU as long as it meets the minimum Amazon Today criteria.

Amazon Today SKU Criteria

  • Is an active Seller SKU
    • Seller inventory is NOT required
    • Sell a SKU through Amazon Today only by keeping Seller inventory at 0
  • Includes Package Dimensions
  • Includes Shipping Weight


An initial review of all your Amazon Seller SKUs is done by your Amazon Today Team as part of your launch process.

The InfiPlex Support Team is available to help activate any new SKUs in the InfiPlex App as Amazon Today SKUs.

The Amazon Today program is designed for any size retailer. Whether you have one store or 1,000+, your stores can take advantage of the Amazon Today program.

If you open new stores after your Amazon Today launch, you will contact your Amazon Today Team manager about adding your new stores. Once a new store has been given a unique Supply Source ID by Amazon Today, the store can be configured in the InfiPlex App to start pulling orders and managing inventory. Inform InfiPlex Support about your new store and we will help configure the new store set-up for you.

It is recommended that most stores start with Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) Only orders and add Delivery capability after the store is active. This will allow the store to go live faster. Once the store is live, you can then request the Delivery option, which has a longer review time based on the need to allocate driver resources.

Part of the Amazon Today Store configuration is defining user access for each store. Below are the different roles currently availabe for set-up.

  • Main Admin - Full Access
    Main Admin accounts will have full access to view and manage orders and inventory levels for all stores.
  • Store Admin - Store Only Access
    Store Admin accounts will have access to view and manage orders for their specific store only. If needed, a Store Admin can also be given access to manually manage inventory levels. However, in most cases the inventory levels will be connected with a live feed, so inventory access may not be necessary.

You can visit the Amazon Today InfiPlex App Support page for more information on managing orders.

The initial on-boarding process includes full training with the Amazon Today Team, which will include a manager level position who will be responsible for managing additional training and store set-ups for the retailer. The Amazon Team is always available to the manager for any assistance needed in the future.

You can visit the Amazon Today InfiPlex App Support page for more support material managing orders.

The short answer is NO. The purpose of the Amazon Today InfiPlex App is to allow any retailer a way to quickly start managing Amazon Today orders at all of their retail locations without having to invest in a lengthy and possibly costly integration.

InfiPlex will work with your IT team to determine the best way to automate inventory updates for each store.

It is also possible to use the InfiPlex App to manage the Amazon Today Order process and have InfIPlex push orders into your systems for accounting and inventory management. This is a very viable and cost effective option for most clients.


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