EasyPost & InfiPlex - The Best Combo

InfiPlex offers Warehouses and marketplace sellers the best system for managing orders, shipping, and inventory. InfiPlex also offers the most affordable order management system to help you grow your business. Simple pricing based on your monthly orders. We do not take a percentage of your sales.

Quickly Integrate with EasyPost
Simply add your EasyPost API key to InfiPlex and our internal systems are now set-up to create and print labels from your EasyPost account.

  •   Easily connect to your EasyPost account
  •   Quickly get shipping labels from our Orders page
  •   Automate the purchase of labels
  •   Easily set-up 3rd Party shipping
  •   Customization available to meet your business process
*Pricing Starts at only $99.99 per month  
Easily Ship Your Packages Using your EasyPost Account
InfiPlex makes shipping easy


  •   Pull all new orders
  •   100+ Shipping Carriers & International with EasyPost
  •   Auto update marketplaces with inventory
  •   Auto update marketpalces with tracking
  •   Add Serial Numbers to orders