NetSuite and Back MarketInfiPlex OMS Integration

The InfiPlex™ Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) offers a NetSuuite Back Market integration to make it easy to manage all of your Back Market orders through your NetSuite account. The OMS pulls all of your marketplace and eCommerce orders and sends them to NetSuite for you to ship. The OMS also automatically updates inventory and sends tracking numbers back to connected marketplaces and eCommerce platforms from your NetSuite account.

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Back Market Integration

InfiPlex OMS, a GREAT Combination for NetSuite and Back Market


Automatic Inventory & Tracking Updates

InfiPlex is integrated with Back Market and makes it easy to manage your orders and inventory for all marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. The inventory and order management system will send all of your orders to NetSuite for you to manage shipping out of your warehouse or through your 3PL providers. InfiPlex takes the tracking numbers from NetSuite and sends them back to Back Market to finalize the order. Inventory and Tracking numbers are managed accross all of your sales channels directly from your NeSuite account including mulit-warehouse set-ups.



Back Market Set-up Assistance

The InfiPlex Support Team will help you get everything set-up to connect NetSuite and Back Market. This includes loading your SKUs into InfiPlex and setting up the connection and custom fields required to connect with your NetSuite account. We can also help with a multi-warehouse set-up with your NetSuite account.



Back Market Inventory

InfiPlex connects with your NetSuite account or 3PL providers to update all of your SKU's inventory levels. SKU inventory levels are updated as orders are received from all of your connected marketplaces. InfiPlex can also be set-up to manage a multi-warehouse set-up for Back Market. InfiPlex fully automates your connection with Back Market and any other sales channels you need to connect to your NetSuite account.



Multi-Warehouse Capabilities

InfiPlex Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) can be set-up to manage all of your warehouses in your NetSuite account and your 3PL warehouse providers. If you have multi warehouse needs and would like to talk with us further on how this configuration works, please contact us.


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