Website Set-up & Design Frequestnly Asked Questions

The InfiPlex platform allows for the easy implementation of any HTML design. If you have a question that is not asnwered here, please email us your additional questions.

We do have existing design templates that you can use and modify based on your design requirements. All of our templates use the Bootstrap mobile friendly and responsive CSS framework.

Modifying an existing template is easy for anyone with experience coding HTML and JavaScript. Templates are basically an HTML page that is sliced up into sections, which we call template Zones.

You can take any existing HTML design and quickly make it a template within InfiPlex. We recommend using a Bootstrap CSS Design that you create yourself or purchase from a template design site.

Creating a new template is as easy as slicing up your HTML design template into Template Zones and then adding them to your new design template. Template Zones can also have multiple content options, giving you the ability to select different zone content on a page-by-page basis. A good example of this would be a zone that contains multiple graphic options for the website's header graphic. Once you have a local html copy of your template functioning, it will be easy to slice up into Zones to create your new CMS template.

For a designer with HTML and Bootstrap CSS experience, it will take 2 - 4 hours to do the initial template set-up.

Yes, you have full access to all system pages. Our system pages use a JavaScript API to pull data out of each application, so you do NOT have to know PHP to edit system pages. It is all done through the HTML source code on the page.

Clients who have any questions on modifying content can always search our Knowledge Base or open a Support Ticket to get an answer to their questions.

Base site set-up for our Starter, Basic, and Standard packages is free. You can then have your designer make template modifications or add your own design. InfiPlex can assist with design modifications to an existing template starting at only $99.99. Implementing an existing Bootstrap HTML design is $499.99. Page content and graphical design is billed hourly.

Yes, you can easily add any JavaScript plugin to your template. This can be done on a template wide basis by updating a Template Zone area in your HTML header with the necessary Google Analytics script or other scripts.

You can also add scripts to individual pages using the HTML source code view to paste your scripts into the page.

All Pages and applications include the ability to add Meta Tag information which includes:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Author
  • Meta Image
  • Additional Meta Tags


Applications like our Blog and Shop systems also display data using the data structure.

Yes, if you are working with a client who is using the InfiPlex platform, you can search our Knowledge Base or open a Support Ticket to get your questions answered.

Yes, we will help you all through the process. Open a Support Ticket and one of our Support Specialists will walk you through the process. If you would like InfiPlex to do it for you, we will set-up an online meeting with you to do the necessary DNS modifications with you.

We do offer content and programming on an hourly basis for one-time projects or Service Packages for ongoing monthly content updates. You can email us your specific questions to get a quote.

Our standard support is free for clients with a current hosting package. Standard support includes advice and how-to support for all Applications and template implementations. Your request may become a paid support issue if the request requires us to set-up a new plugin or modify existing page or template code for you.

The most common hack is a stolen or cracked administrative password to a site. The InfiPlex platform helps midigate this by using the latest in website security and data encryption. All sensitive data like a user password is encrypted to make it virtually impossible for anyone to view. InfiPlex also uses a device authentication system that blocks login attempts from a device that has not previous logged into the site. This is similar to the security that most Bank websites use to protect accounts even if a user's password gets compromised.

The platform also has limit checks set on how users interact with the site, so any automated attempt to do anything will result in that hack attempt being blocked. Most automated hacking scripts will slow a site down significantly or possible cause it to become unresponsive for other users during the attack. The built in API limts help block automated hacking attempts shortly after they start.

Clients with a dedicated server can have full access to the source code of the InfiPlex platform and write their own applicaitons. Applicaiton development is done in PHP. If you have questions about development, please email us and we can schedule a call to discuss your project.

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