InfiPlex BridgeeCommerce Solutions for Sellers, 3PL's, Brands, and Distributors

SAAS based Solutions and Support, based in the US, to help your organization become more efficient, centralize your operations, lower your operating costs, and grow your business. InfiPlex Bridge is focused on helping Retailers and Brands onboard drop-ship vendors faster, with lower support costs and lower operating costs for their vendors. Our Retail program is focused on retailers who are selling vendor products on their own webstores. Our Brand program is focused on brands that want other eCommerce sellers to sell their products on other eCommerce webstores.

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InfiPlex Bridge

Retail Vendor Drop-Ship

Partner drop-shipping
for Retailers


Brand Reseller Drop-Ship

Distributor drop-shipping for Brands and Manufacturers



Access EDI data via an API to simplify your EDI integrations


Data Bridge

API access to integrations, featuring the new Amazon SP-API