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Building A Template

Creating a new template is as easy as slicing up your HTML design template into Template Zones and then adding them to your new design template. Template Zones can also have multiple content options, giving you the ability to select different zone content on a page-by-page basis. A good example of this would be a zone that contains multiple graphic options for the website's header graphic. Once you have a local html copy of your template functioning, it will be easy to slice up into Zones to create your new CMS template.

Below are some key concepts to remember when creating your template:

  • Doctype: The doctype tag is defined when you add or edit a template. DO NOT include it any of your Zone html content.
  • Header Tag: The < html > and < head > tags are automatically created for you. The system allows you to upload scripts and css files which can then be automatically pulled into the template's header tag. You will see this as an option (include in head tag) when you create a Zone. Once you add a Zone, you can then add Zone Content Options. Usually a Zone will have only one option, unless you want administrators to be able to choose different options for a specific zone, like the website header graphic.
  • Navigation: The system allows you to create multiple navigations that you can then drop into the appropriate spot in your template as a Zone.
  • Page Content: Each template needs to have one Zone that contains the Page Content. This is defined by creating a Zone, naming it something like 'Content', and then selecting the 'Page Content' content type in the Zone Content Add tool.