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CSS Minify

After you have completed your template, it is a good idea to go back and minify all of your css code. This will make your pages load faster and Google will like you more. You can reference Google's Minify Resources document for more information. You can use Google's PageSpeed Insights page or this site to analyze your site's loading speed.

Be sure to minify your JavaScript files as well.

Simply paste your CSS code into the Source textbox below and click the Crunch button. The Result textbox will the display your minified css. Copy that code and update your css file with the new css code. Most HTML and CSS programs, like Dreamweaver, will un-minify the code by using the "Apply Source Formatting" command or other similar command. You can also keep a copy of the un-compressed css code and use that as your master file.

This CSS minification tool uses a JavaScript port of the YUI Compressor. Read the blog post for more.