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Feature 4

Design Flexibility

The InfiPlex Template System gives you the ability to easily add your own design templates. There is no coding required, so even a non-technical designer, familiar with HTML, can add any HTML design to the system. If you can slice up your HTML, you can create a template. The set-up process requires your design to be sliced up into defined areas, including dynamic navigation areas and the main content area. Once a template has been added, it can then be used as the design template for any page.

Designers also have full layout control over system pages. Our JavaScript API gives you the ability to modify existing system pages and create new pages that pull in any type of dynamic content you want from the available InfiPlex applications. You don't have to be a programmer to create a new layout. If you are familiar with JavaScript tools like JQuery, you will find our API a powerful way to access the data you want and put it where you want it.

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